I Want To Reshape My Gumline

I Want To Reshape My GumlineA smile that you feel proud of can make you feel confident in all aspects of your live. Conversely, if your smile makes you feel insecure, it can make you feel shy about speaking up or feel less confident about smiling. You may think that the only way to address the appearance of your smile is to directly address the teeth, but there are other effective ways to adjust you’re smile’s appearance. There are situations where irregularities along your gumline can affect the way your teeth look. Because your gums frame for your teeth, if your gum tissue is assymmetrical or too long or too short, it can make your teeth look imbalanced or off. Gum contouring can be a way to reshape your gumline and restore your confidence in your smile.  (more…)

What Do I Do About My Damaged Tooth?

What Do I Do About My Damaged Tooth?Damaging a tooth can be traumatic and it can feel like an emergency. In a lot of cases, it might be. The urgency of the situation may depend on the severity of the damage. In any situation though, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as you can. If you have significant damage to the body of your tooth, it could put your tooth in danger. Fortunately, teeth can often be saved with the appropriate restoration, such as a porcelain dental crown. For minor damage, a cosmetic treatment may bonding may be enough to fix the tooth. Though there are times that a tooth may be so damaged that it cannot be restored; sometimes the safest choice for your smile is to extract and replace it. (more…)

Eeyore’s Birthday And More Events

Eeyore's Birthday And More EventsAustin is a bustling town with non-stop energy and tons of things to do. Finding something to do with the family is usually not a hard thing to do. Picking out which thing to do can be a tougher choice. This weekend is no exception when it comes to weekends full of exciting, fun things to do. Austin Prosthodonics loves to be a part of this vibrant city, and we are proud to serve the smiles of this community(more…)

Quiz: Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Quiz: Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsDeciding that you are ready to update your smile’s appearance can be a big step. How do you determine the right cosmetic treatment to help with your specific issues? There are several different options that you and your dentist can discuss. You will also want to discuss what cosmetic issues you are helping to resolve, your goals with time and budget, and how you want your smile to ultimately look. Your dentist will also talk with you about the health of your smile. Just like you wouldn’t want to renovate the floors of your house if the foundation is falling apart, you wouldn’t want to update the appearance of your smile if there are any health issues.  (more…)

Making Implants Last A Lifetime

Making Implants Last A LifetimePreserving your smile is often as simple as practicing good oral hygiene and maintaining a regular schedule of dental exams and cleanings. However, preservation can become more complicated once dental issues present themselves. If you have experienced tooth loss, a dental implant can be an excellent way to restore your smile. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, which means no drastic changes need to be made in your routine to maintain them. There are still some things to keep in mind when it comes to making sure your dental implants are a part of a healthy smile. (more…)

Benefits Of Smile Prosthetics

Benefits Of Smile Prosthetics Restoring your smile with an appropriate dental prosthetic or multiple prosthetics can be beneficial to your overall well-being. Depending on your smile’s needs, there are several options that can best restore your mouth to top health. A bridge can be used to restore the loss of one or more consecutive teeth. A crown can cap a vulnerable tooth or work with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth altogether. Full or partial dentures can be used to restore multiple missing teeth to give you back your full smile. The use of prosthetics in your smile can restore your abilities to use your mouth for daily function. It can also restore your appearance and your confidence in your appearance. Restoring your smile can also help protect the natural teeth that you have left.  (more…)

Smile Preservation After Extraction

Smile Preservation After ExtractionAs hard as we may work to protect our teeth, unfortunately, dental extractions may become necessary. If a tooth is beyond repair with decay or damage, an extraction of it can protect the rest of your smile. However, the loss of a tooth also includes the loss of the tooth’s roots. Because a tooth’s roots stimulates the bone surrounding the tooth, when the roots are gone, the bone can become negatively affected. Extraction site preservation is a method to fill in the area where the tooth’s roots once were. It is typically done with bone grafting, and it can be a way to help ensure your smile stays healthy after extraction.  (more…)

Bluebonnet Spots Around Austin

Bluebonnet Spots Around AustinEvery year in Texas, from the end of March through most of April (which means the season is almost over!), bluebonnets pop up all over the place. Are you part of a family that grabs the family to go take photos among the beautiful fields of wildflowers? There are some great spots around Austin for you to take a gander at our beautiful state flower. Austin Prosthodontics and Dr. Carmona are proud to serve the smiles across this wonderful community of Austin, Texas.


Can I Upgrade My Dentures?

Can I Upgrade My Dentures?Dentures are intended to restore your smile’s appearance and function after you have lost many or all of your teeth. Modern dentures can look and act very natural. If you wear traditional adhesive dentures, you can upgrade your dentures to ones supported by dental implants. The All-On-4® system of dentures allows for just four implant posts to support your smile’s restoration. Your dentures will become a permanent fixture in your mouth, so you would not need to worry about shifting when speaking or eating. Implants supporting your dentures can also help to ensure your jaw’s bone health and stability. (more…)

How Implants Address Tooth Loss

How Implants Address Tooth LossThe appearance of your smile may be the most obviously affected thing after the loss of a tooth. However, the functionality of your bite may be affected even more after tooth loss. Though it may be in ways that are much less obvious. Your bite can become imbalanced, your jawbone weaker, and there may be negative consequences for your remaining teeth. In most cases, dental implants can address tooth loss in a way that faces these possible negative consequences head on. When paired with a custom-made dental prosthetic, a dental implant can address the loss of one tooth, a few, or most of your smile.  (more…)

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